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  • Professionalism and high teaching credentials
  • One to one tuitions and small groups
  • Intense or relaxed schedule to suit
  • Welcoming and friendly environment
  • Flexible hours
  • Fully equipped languages classroom
  • My enthusiasm for teaching and learning languages!


Language learners

I really enjoy my lessons with Ewa. She has a good sense of humour and has listened to what my learning style is and adapts our lessons to it. The tools she uses to help me learn are very effective and I find that having homework helps me learn also. She never gets angry or frustrated with me if I can’t remember something and finds ways to jog my memory which is really helpful. She also doesn’t mind if I ask questions. It is really enjoyable and I’m glad I found Ewa to teach me Polish. – Emily
Since the age of 12 I have been learning foreign languages – French, German, Latin at school; Russian, Portuguese and Dutch during my formative years. I have had many teachers and tutors over this time – some very good some not so. Learning Polish – definitely the most challenging of all languages I have studied does require the skills that Ewa possesses. As it’s phonetically based and does not lend itself to direct translation, it does require patience (on Ewa’s behalf) to inculcate even the basic principles of the language. Ewa teaches with a smile, is patient, experienced, ensures everyone understands what is being taught and always revises what has gone before. She spends time going through the grammatical base of the language – conjugations and declensions not omitting any accents/intonations (which some tutors in my experience prefer to avoid). She makes language learning a logical progression and I’m looking forward to visiting Poland to put what I’ve learned into practice. – David
After visiting Spain frequently in recent years, I thought it would be prudent to learn more conversational Spanish. I thoroughly enjoyed the beginner’s course and find Ewa really approachable and professional. – Tim
I‘ve been learning Polish with Ewa for a year now having attended a refresher course to help ‘polish my Polish’. The courses have been excellent, well structured and lots of fun, it has been great to build my vocabulary and learn the grammar properly. Ewa is very engaging and encouraging – Claudia
I have tried the ‘teach yourself’ French with CD’s without any real success but have made so much progress in a short space of time with Ewa. She started right at the beginning for me and I really enjoy her method of teaching and patience, which makes the quite daunting task more enjoyable. – Peter
Ewa doesn’t just speak Polish, she understands how it works and how to explain the rules that native speakers don’t know and just adhere to automatically. She expertly links one lesson to the next, building on what has been previously learnt and reinforcing understanding of it – Neil
Having never been particularly good at languages as a child, and with no knowledge of the Spanish language, it was with apprehension that I set out on my Spanish journey. Ewa has a special talent for teaching languages and has a multitude of visual aids which are really helpful – Emma
After only 10 weeks with Ewa, I have gained confidence and am now able to talk confidently in French. The lessons are very enjoyable as she makes them fun in a professional way. I would recommend her to anyone who wishes to learn a new language whatever their age – Charlie
I began Polish lessons with Ewa because I wanted to be able to speak to my partner’s family and friends at our wedding in Poland. Ewa very quickly assessed my language level, and we agreed on aims for the lessons. The lessons have been really well designed, and Ewa has a huge array of teaching resources for every occasion, and has made the different grammar cases seem much less confusing! My language has improved hugely in a short time, and with help with translation from Ewa, I was even able to give part of my wedding speech in Polish. I would heartily recommend Ewa to anyone who wants to improve their language skills! – Andrew
I chose to learn Polish as it is very useful in my work environment. I have been learning with Ewa since 2015 in a group setting and have found her classes informative and enjoyable. She is a very supportive and flexible teacher, adapting to our needs and quickly identifying areas which may need more work. She has also incorporated material specific to my area of work into the syllabus. Ewa has taken me from someone with a few words and phrases in Polish to having the confidence to speak Polish with my clients and on trips to Poland. Polish is a complex language to learn but I look forward to continuing this journey with Ewa. – Kate
I’m a frequent visitor to Spain and that is the main reason I wanted to learn as much of the language as possible, I was fortunate to find Ewa my tutor, Ewa is an excellent tutor she keeps the lessons interesting and personalised and very patient, So now when I visit Spain instead of the usual, cafe con leche or muchas gracias etc. l find I’m able to hold more conversation by speaking and understanding Spanish which makes it more exciting and enjoyable. I can highly recommend Ewa as a tutor for anyone who a desire to learn. – Colin
I have always wanted to understand French (and also be understood when I try to speak French) when I go on holiday to France. Ewa has managed to recover the small amount of French I learned in school and has built on it .She is a patient and encouraging teacher, I really enjoy learning with her and am gaining confidence with both speaking and listening to the language. One to one lessons allow me to go at my own pace and recap things I have forgotten. I can highly recommend her teaching. – Elizabeth
Learning a new language can be daunting, but with Ewa the lessons are tailored made to suit your ability. Looking back over the term, it’s amazing how much you cover which is all relevant to day to day living. In no time at all you feel more confident in speaking the language and look forward to progressing with each lesson. I highly recommend Ewa for her enthusiasm and approach to teaching which makes the experience of learning a new language an enjoyable one. – Sheila
I have been having a weekly Polish lesson with Ewa for over a year now.  I love going to Poland on holiday, and it is very satisfying to be able to converse in Polish when I am there.  I am so pleased with my language learning with Ewa.  She is a great teacher: she makes the lessons so interesting, and she is so patient.  As she needs to be, because it is so much harder to learn Polish than a germanic or romance language. – Peter

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