Learn Polish like a pro!

Polish lessons in Chester for beginners and people at all levels who want to improve!

Complete beginners – Digestible Polish

This 10-lesson package is for beginners looking to start their adventure with Polish.

You may have already given it a go with self-taught courses, but they got too hard too quickly and without any guidance you simply gave up.

Learn Polish with a native who is also qualified to teach Polish as a foreign language in a structured and manageable way.

This course will help you to understand the most important grammar structures and apply them into everyday conversations with your Polish friends, partners or colleagues.

This is a classroom based course to be complemented by self-study during the week.

PART 1 First nutritious nibbles – £349

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PART 2 Tasty starter – £349

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PART 3 Another yummy appetizer

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Bespoke courses – £399

If you are at intermediate level of Polish and aim to improve a specific area, let me create the menu especially for your special requirements. After filling in the form to find out more about your needs, I would create a customised programme.

What is in the Bespoke Polish  package?

  • 10 x one hour individual digestible sessions at Word of Mouth Languages
  • Customised classroom activities
  • Additional studying materials for your self-study between the session (PDFs, presentation and practice exercise)*
  • Homework assignments to keep you on track
  • Weekly feedback on your Polish digesting and support between the sessions

*depending on your learning needs

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Polish crash course – £179

Everything you need to survive during your stay in Poland.

Have you just booked your trip to Poland and feeling excited?

But, are you worrying about the language? You have never learnt Polish and heard that it’s a super hard language to learn?

You may get by with your English, especially in bigger cities, but anyway, you like to integrate and communicate at least at a basic level with natives?  I understand, it’s so good to say at least some basic words in the language of the country you are visiting.

Our Polish Crash Course is designed  for people travelling to Poland for leisure or business and who want to grasp the basics of the language and be able to communicate in basic situations.

Having a structured course and a native speaker tutor to guide you  through the foundation of the language will definitely help you to enjoy your stay in Poland without worrying too much about the language.

Thanks to this course you will:

  • Having language worry free holidays in Poland
  • Starting feeling more confident whilst surrounded by Poles
  • Being proud of yourself as you are tackling one of the hardest languages

  • 5 one hour 1-1 sessions at Word of Mouth Languages
  • Classroom activities based on communication
  • Video tutorials, audios, PDFs, presentation and practice exercise to complement your study
  • Homework assignments
  • Weekly feedback and support between the sessions

  1.       Dzień dobry!  Survival foundation
  • Basics of Polish pronunciation  
  • Ty czy pan? Different levels of  addressing people
  • Greetings and introductions
  • Polite words you need to know
  1.    Jestem głodny! Food and drinks
  • Ordering at a cafe
  • Names of drinks and snacks
  • Naming basic Polish grocery products
  • Useful expression for ordering a meal in a restaurant
  • Polish menu decoder
  1.       Gdzie jest bankomat? In the town
  • Asking for directions in the town
  • Asking how to get somewhere using public transport and buying tickets
  • Exchanging the money in bureau de change
  1.    Ile płacę?   Shopping
  • Shopping at a kiosk and at a supermarket
  • Asking about prices
  • Reading a plan of a shopping centre – identifying shops
  • Buying Polish souvenirs to take back home and for your friends
  1.       Mam problem…  Problems and solutions
  • Dealing with communication problems
  • Emergency words
  • Lost in town
  • Health problems
  • Complaining at the hotel
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Online learning

If you cannot visit Word of Mouth Languages in Chester, you can learn Polish online. Using Skype ( Google Hangouts , Zoom) and webcam you can learn wherever you are based.

This option is available for Digestible Polish, Polish crash course  and  bespoke Polish packages. The program and rules are the same. We meet on Skype instead of Word Of Mouth Languages classroom.

Click the button below to contact me for more information.


Partner and group learning

Word of Mouth Languages offers also learning courses with a partner or small groups. Prices start from £46 per hour and depend on the type of the course and the number of participants.

Number of students Price per student per hour
2 £23
3 £17
4 £14

Contact me for more details if you interested in this option.


Corporate group lessons

In-company group language sessions.

Word of Mouth Languages can also visit your company at times convenient to you and provide learning sessions at your location. We shape each course to your particular business needs. The price depends on your requirements and the number of the students.

To get a quote, please contact us and provide the following information:

  • Number of students in the group
  • Learning needs and goals of your group
  • Any particular requirements
  • Number of sessions per week
  • Length of the course provision
  • Expected start date / target end date

Please get in touch if you have special language needs and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

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I began Polish lessons with Ewa because I wanted to be able to speak to my partner’s family and friends at our wedding in Poland. Ewa very quickly assessed my language level, and we agreed on aims for the lessons. The lessons have been really well designed, and Ewa has a huge array of teaching resources for every occasion, and has made the different grammar cases seem much less confusing! My language has improved hugely in a short time, and with help with translation from Ewa, I was even able to give part of my wedding speech in Polish. I would heartily recommend Ewa to anyone who wants to improve their language skills! – Andrew
I chose to learn Polish as it is very useful in my work environment. I have been learning with Ewa since 2015 in a group setting and have found her classes informative and enjoyable. She is a very supportive and flexible teacher, adapting to our needs and quickly identifying areas which may need more work. She has also incorporated material specific to my area of work into the syllabus. Ewa has taken me from someone with a few words and phrases in Polish to having the confidence to speak Polish with my clients and on trips to Poland. Polish is a complex language to learn but I look forward to continuing this journey with Ewa. – Kate
I have been having a weekly Polish lesson with Ewa for over a year now.  I love going to Poland on holiday, and it is very satisfying to be able to converse in Polish when I am there.  I am so pleased with my language learning with Ewa.  She is a great teacher: she makes the lessons so interesting, and she is so patient.  As she needs to be, because it is so much harder to learn Polish than a germanic or romance language.- Peter