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Word of Mouth Languages offers a range of stimulating courses to enable you to achieve your learning potential in a supportive environment where your tutor understands your needs perfectly.

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Ewa doesn’t just speak Polish, she understands how it works and how to explain the rules that native speakers don’t know and just adhere to automatically. She expertly links one lesson to the next, building on what has been previously learnt and reinforcing understanding of it – Neil
Having never been particularly good at languages as a child, and with no knowledge of the Spanish language, it was with apprehension that I set out on my Spanish journey. Ewa has a special talent for teaching languages and has a multitude of visual aids which are really helpful – Emma
After only 10 weeks with Ewa, I have gained confidence and am now able to talk confidently in French. The lessons are very enjoyable as she makes them fun in a professional way. I would recommend her to anyone who wishes to learn a new language whatever their age – Charlie