Learn languages
like a pro!

Chester based Polish, Spanish and French tuition and courses tailored to your needs.


Do you want to learn Polish, French or Spanish but don’t know where to start?

Planning to travel
or visit loved ones abroad?
Feeling uneasy and ashamed when asked something by locals?
Needing to communicate
better with friends or family?

We’ve all been there. You are excited to learn French, Spanish or Polish in order to communicate with native people. But you then find that teach-yourself courses get too complicated too soon, and online resources leave you overwhelmed and lost. You feel like giving up on your language goals and your motivation fails.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

What you need is the right teacher, the right strategy and the right resources.

Word of Mouth Languages is a friendly tutoring service based in Chester. You can learn your language in a fun setting, whether you want to learn individually, with a friend, partner or in a small group.


Meet your tutor

My goal is your success. Whatever your language goal, I am here to help you reach it!

Hi! I’m Ewa. I am a language enthusiast who loves learning and teaching languages.

I‘m passionate about transforming learners from lost and overwhelmed into confident users of the language for communication with partners and friends.

I’m not just another language tutor, I am your learning partner on this journey, a partner who is on the same boat and who already case a huge suitcase of learning and teaching experience, and knows how to make this trip successful.


Language learning is challenging and requires commitment, dedication and self discipline, but with Work of Mouth Languages you will discover how to make it fun, enjoyable and successful.

Language learners

After visiting Spain frequently in recent years, I thought it would be prudent to learn more conversational Spanish. I thoroughly enjoyed the beginner’s course and find Ewa really approachable and professional. – Tim
I‘ve been learning Polish with Ewa for a year now having attended a refresher course to help ‘polish my Polish’. The courses have been excellent, well structured and lots of fun, it has been great to build my vocabulary and learn the grammar properly. Ewa is very engaging and encouraging – Claudia